Selfie Music Tees. Links Will Be Back Summer-Autumn 2019.

I`m In A Band – GIGGING – Just Ask. Organic Cotton Tee-Shirts. The orange globe design has been removed from the range.

The message from stage rockers-increase bookings! Black obviously is most favored from the complete range (I wear one too!). The custom made tee-shirts, in summer cool organic cotton, have a fast order turn around.

Being Updated With New Tee Shirt Additions!

In addition, there is worldwide shipping from the UK. As seen below, all the range have quality print, i.e. not the horrid rubber stuff that cracks and crumbles!

Male-Gigging On Black

The complete range of these invitation tee shirts is unique, only available through one secure source, not big-box.

However, these far more general invitation tee shirts favor the lighter color for this print, great for video presentations, etc.

The darker colors on the globe design make it look a little ill-defined being “splashy”. But that is down to the eyes of the beholder. However, the darker colors would compliment Halloween and other horror music events!

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