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Student Level. This Level Offers More Than Multiplying 12 Dollars A Month! No, It`s Not A Daft Money Game.


College Students Making Money. This part-time income area is a crowded area re college income opportunities. However, the Prosperity Marketing System Student level is just 12 dollars a month. There is a trial period of one week initially. If you don`t feel it`s for you, you can cancel within the trial period and your card won`t be charged.

To be clear, the Prosperity Marketing System has been around since 2009. It`s not one of the daft money games that come and go. I will also stress by the outset that this is not one of those shitty programs using “college” or “students” in the name aimed to attract college students.

The Student level is simply the entry level for everyone. From there you have the potential to earn many multiples of 12 dollar amounts a month. If you wish you can, for a one-off cost of 97 dollars (once subscribed following the trial period) open up other income avenues, but more on that later.

Prosperity Marketing System

Initially, you will benefit from what is known as a front-ended proposal system, i.e. you will receive 12 dollars being 100% commission as you progress from those you fully introduce to the Prosperity Marketing System; this being said Student level.

However you might well agree it is an ideal income opportunity for students… or you might not, but you have nothing to lose by taking the trial period. This could be a brilliant income opportunity if you play it right and stretch outside of traffic exchanges.

However, the traffic exchanges listed are along the better traffic exchanges. Traffic exchanges promote traffic exchanges, so you might also find just a few others worthwhile. I`ve included a caution later herein.

I included the PMS link HERE, This is because of some who use ad blockers (including me…). Ad blockers omit to show banners, but you can turn blockers off.

If you limit yourself you will still have the potential, not only to earn through the 12 dollars pass up plan but also from the included traffic exchanges, beer money if viewed as additional income…

So outside of the introductions, the first action you will probably want to take is joining the traffic exchange list. This is very simple, by doing so you will be given a link ID to each respectively. It’s all automatic, like magic!

This means when your prospects join from your links and become active, you will gain in credits or cash. The PMS Includes access to brilliant training. Remember, if already involved in online opportunities, you will be able to use some of this training for other areas of income.

PMS earnings are in bitcoin, but I think depending on location, you can choose another method. Anyway, all the info is included therein.

Beyond Traffic Exchanges: I believe you will earn far more by additionally plowing your own furrows. If you just follow the path of passing the business along on the given links as included, you will be doing what everyone else is doing, and getting pretty much what everyone else gets. Perhaps beer money… or cheap college hats (Great keyword phrase!)!

Remember, everyone else who joins the PMS will have the same opportunities to join the traffic exchanges. So consider including other ways of building interest also. e.g. videoing, blogging and socials. Excellent training is included. I know many students are confident within videoing these days – it`s the way to go… I`ll be stepping up my videoing shortly.

The Optional 97 Dollar Upgrade Gives You The Following. “ Edit any training pages within the whole system with your own content. Create your own training pages that show to your whole downline unlimited levels. Change your Primary Business to any company or program you like whenever you want. Replace the Autoresponder and Ad Tracking programs if you prefer with anything else”. Plow your own furrows!

But unlike some home affiliate business, you have an income opportunity that is worthwhile without being almost business disabled before upgrading! However, on taking the upgrade you can promote other businesses within the Prosperity Marketing System. For example, the controversial Legendary Marketing program.

The upgrade will allow you to include another business link of choice, it means you will be able to replace the business link of the sponsor.

The Prosperity Marketing System allows you the opportunity the create your own splash or capture pages. Customize these to promote a primary business or whatever you want. You will find all the tools you need therein.

The Prosperity Marketing System is a high converting and affordable system, yet as indicated it is scalable. You can It allows everybody to expand their business online.

In addition, as indicated earlier, this is a multi affiliate income opportunity system, so in you have the opportunity to earn in many additional ways within the Prosperity Marketing System.

Create Prospect Marketing System members, just as I do. Get as many eye-balls to your offer as you can. You might have heard it said, to the point of a mantra, that the money is in the list. You will find a link to an autoresponder.

Prosperity Marketing System

An autoresponder isn`t essential, but recommended. It will only cost a few dollars a month. Of course, you can also use an autoresponder for other businesses also!

If you don`t use the autoresponder those who sign under you will receive emails from the Prosperity Marketing System on your behalf. But it is generally understood you will earn more by building a relationship with list members.

If completely new to online marketing you`ll appreciate understanding the basic essentials at the early stage to help you market successfully. Most of us assume an understanding of copy and paste, or how to use bookmarks, but there`s always a first time for us all.

It is important to know where you most successful marketing lies! If not you will be losing money from where is can be better spent, thus increasing you profits from the Prosperity Marketing System, or other businesses.

Therefore you can sign up for a tracking system tool. See what marketing sources are working best for you, and from where. You`ll learn from videos how you promote banners and text ads. There are little “tricks” you might not be aware of.

As I mentioned earlier, find what works for you. From my experience I`d suggest that if planning to progress through additional traffic exchanges outside of the Prosperity Marketing System, you approach with caution.

There are countless traffic exchanges around now with maybe only a few 100 of members. Some will try to scam you offering several thousand credits for a few dollars. I`ve even seen half a million credits offered in a low value traffic exchange.

There is no point in buying huge amounts of credits to exchange for views, if only a few members will see your promotion anyway! Best keep with those that are longer established and include thousands of members.

Prosperity Marketing System

However you use those exchange provided within the Prosperity Marketing System, note that they are established with thousands of members.

Take the link for a free trial as mentioned earlier. Staying with it will cost you just 12 dollars a month from that point forward. So nothing to lose and lots to gain!

A belated hi! I`m Shaun A Leggott, cheers for now. > Twitter – Privacy Policy

Consider This As Student Income Boosting Business Too!


Boost Typical College Student Income-Part Time Working From College Outside Of Studies. This Opportunity Has Not Been Created To Attract Students, It Is though An Awesome Business Opportunity Ideal For Students!

Earn $23.50 M/O Recurring By Recruiting, That Will Be At Your Premium Membership. However, Even Zero Paying Members Earn Half The Above! Please Hit On Of The Affiliate Links Below.

Heres How You Will Earn: $8 for the first month $19 special offer, then $23.50 ongoing. Starter Members earn $4 for special offer referrals, then $11.75 monthly and $87.50 yearly commissions. So the more you recruit and maintain, the more you’ll earn! You See
With no additional cost over Premium membership, just from affiliate income, create two Premium ongoing members and your monthly membership is almost covered… ongoing expert marketing training included!

Set up that cam and start earning from this immediate business today. Plus, learn to market online from this long-established marketing knowledge shared platform! Members talk with members in one of the largest online marketing communities.

If you have an ad blocker on you will not see the banners, so hear is another access link instead > WA

There`s nothing to set up, plus there are no irritating OTOs to push your low start-up cost.

That’s it, go chase up the fratters and go tubing it as a Premium member?.. I have included a comparison chart below. The recurring income power of this online business makes it very attractive.

In fact, I shouldn`t really tell you this (pass the “secret” along..) but, due to the very generous commission, some members feature their marketing towards promoting the Wealthy Affiliate platform as their main income!

You have the advantage of knowing WA is well established and progressing, not some new marketing business that roars like a lion, gaining many thousands of members, then leaves in a whimper. Not to overlook many members who lost money along the way… then it resurfaces into something else with Tubers clamoring to grab the early bucks!

With WA, as you recruit and hold members your recurring income grows. That`s the way to building a healthy increasing income! Naturally not everyone will stay (well, work is involved…), that`s to be accepted, so a high retention rate is an advantage. Just one incentive to upgrade is the supa secure hosting that is included.

Moving up from limited no cost website building without your own domain name, you can then build websites under your own domain name/s. Aside from the domain names, this is all included for Premium members
You have the advantage of knowing WA is well established and progressing, not some new marketing business that roars like a lion, gaining many thousands of members, then leaves in a whimper.

Not to overlook many members who lost money along the way… then it resurfaces into something else with Tubers clamoring to grab the early bucks! You get the inclusion of a research tool that might be handy with students using research. This can be upgraded.

Members access new regular training videos, plus there are a series of videos that take affiliate marketing from the very beginning.

As for your promotion, simply spread your new business to other students across the states and beyond. As an example, there are several banners from which to choose. Here is a bigger one>>

Create Your No Cost Account Today. Shaun A Leggott – |  Twitter | Privacy Policy

Sexually Enhancing Products. Historically Proven Wealth Creating!


As a single product promotion, a medical grade metal penis extender, that is worn discreetly for several weeks, offers excellent income earning as an affiliate opportunity, along with other some sourced products.

For guys who want the full nine yards, this is one of two sexually enhancing products linked. Here is an opportunity the earn an excellent commission from both!

Also, if accepted as an affiliate, you can sub-affiliate, i.e introduce others who become successful earners, you then will take a commission from their sales also – women’s health included!

Please turn off any add blocker to see the images, or hit the links instead!

The direct link to the metal penis extender is here> pro extender

This medical grade metal penis extender stays discreetly on the penis for about 8 hours a day over a set number of weeks. Daily life just carries on as normal.

Over time, this traction encourages multiplication of cells in the penis and growth of new penile tissue. Guys get bigger and thicker with ProExtender®, with a company they trust, and a mechanism used by doctors in 29 countries.

In addition, I include the link for those who may wish to apply to become an affiliate for the metal penis extender and possibly other products.

For a more comprehensive website that also refers to sexually related 18+ products from the same source, please look through DigiMusicTools .com as Top Frat Topics com is now its spin-off!


This medical grade metal penis enlargement is carefully designed to do exceptionally well as would be expected from a medical grade product.

As a proven to work product, this penis extender mechanism is used by doctors in 29 countries, also in many hospitals and clinics in Spain alone.

This is an earning opportunity, not only for the guys but for the galls also. The company offers a range of sexually enhancing products for both guys and gals. The link to VigRX Plus is via the banner or >>Here

World #1 for men who want bigger, harder, longer-lasting erections, there’s now VigRX Plus®. VigRX® is designed to further enhance men’s sexual functioning with the addition of three exciting new ingredients: Damiana, Tribulus, and Bioperine. Doctor endorsed and rated #1 for results by clients.

Whether it`s coming of age movies, or within online videos, over the past couple of decades, it appears that young adults have truly thrown off the old taboos over sexual relations in abandon!

The movie, The Family Way, is so tame by today’s sexually expressing approach. In fact, it is just so over measured!

There is casual chat within college genre type movies, include chat lines or actions that, a few decades ago, wouldn`t get past the sensors, or alternatively would be controversial, e.g. ref the movie, Last Tango In Paris. Incidentally, it is available to watch in the Tube. My opinion is that it is boring!

So the movies and Internet of today offer areas to express sexually like never before. The age of innocents, along with storks at the bottom of the garden bringing babies, are long gone.

The medical grade metal penis extender, reach the right audience and you too can benefit. The percentage mark up on this product, and other products from the company, are excellent.

So that even goes for guys that do not consider any benefit in wearing one or promoting the product, the galls have the opportunity to apply to become affiliated also. I know, wearing one does sound a bit 16th century!

Application does not guarantee acceptance, you`d need to show something to let the company know how your intent to promote.

In addition, you will be able to sub-affiliate, thus earn a percentage from the successes of those you recruit! Within affiliate marketing, when there`s a refusal a chat by phone to the company often does the trick!

In further addition, there are many other sexually enhancing products, so within these, it might be you`d prefer an alternative, thus offering different sexually related products to your targeted audience.

From >>here you can apply to become an affiliate, plus invite others to apply. If also accepted, they will become your sub-affiliates! You will earn from their successes too! This is a trusted company with a proven record of tracking and paying their affiliates on time!

Incidentally, welcome back to my past readers. As seen Top Frat Topics is now comparatively a basic website. More and more people now are online through small screen cell/mobile phones these days. So there are no benefits of wide page ranges if they are now reached!


Also, consider the human psyche, offer too much choice and people lose interest. Shaun A Leggott – | Privacy Policy | Twitter