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Top Frat Topics` Internal And Exclusive Keyword List

Top Frat Topics Now Includes An Internal And Exclusive Keyword List. In one of my pondering idle moment I wondered if it is possible to turn a desktop computer into more portable device. What set my loopy thought off? Well I gather before long we will be able to buy a combo of laptop with smart phone..Tag: top frat
However, turning a desktop computer into a more portable devise isn`t beyond the bounds of possibility – Instructables. But hugging the beast in a backpack, plus along with a swinging padded bag holding a desk appropriate monitor?…Hmmm, somehow I don`t think it will catch on.. If it did it`d have to include a SSD to be more in sympathetic to the knocks!
top frat

frat topics

So back more to the real world! There`s an estimated 65% or over searches in Go.ogle when using smart phones or similar devices. So with Top Frat Topics including many categories, I have now included an internal and exclusive keyword list.
I knew from visitors to my Horror at Home Gigs com website, that said visitors are probably using smartphones or other relatively small screened portable devices. This being compared to desktops. In fact it was (almost) amusing because HaHG was set on default to “infinite scroll”.
The site view count gradually decrease as my visitors “streamed” down the home page. So the first thing I did was to remove the option for extensive scrolling. Then I added a keyword page identical to the one here in Top Frat Topics (Oops clumsy! I nearly wrote “Top Fart Topics”..).
It is a simple three step process. If I assume you are using copy and paste, here`s the procedure: copy any keyword and enter into Search.. that is seen at the top right side or the page. Paste the keyword and hit enter. That`s all there is to it!
I have done a random check and all`s fine, but elsewhere I`ve also tried to avoid a typo of listing error. As you know a keyword can be, and mostly is, more that one word. However, if you want to be less specific, a single word might better suit.. For a broader search you can just pick out single words, e.g. Cannabis – Marijuana – Arousal – Enhancers – CBD Oil etc. Not to overlook Beer. By using our own keywords, categories than would likely be “lost” are brought to visitor attention.
Tea Beverage    Student Microscopes    Stoner Rock    Stash Boxes Jars    Smiley shift knobs
Sexual Enhancements   Sex Gels Sex Drive   Horny Goat   Salvia   Roadburn   Festival Posters
Relaxation Syrup   Reduce Stress   Pregnancy Test Kits   Plant Fuel    Nutrients   Penis Enlargers
Nutmeg   Natural Testosterone Boost   Natural Sleep   Mountain Men`s Tees  CBD Oil
Masters and Johnson   Marijuana   Travel Mugs   Marijuana Recipes   Bongs   Orgies Parties
Marijuana on Canvas   Marijuana Hoodies   Marijuana Blankets   Marihuana Cannabis
Male Sex Enhancements   Hydroponics Watering   Abdominal Muscle Stimulator
Portable Steam Saunas   Arousal Gels Creams   Muscles Stimulator Kits   Cannabis T-Shirts
Hydroponic Grow Tents   Human Sexual Response   Hoodie Pillows   Hi Energy
Herb Grinders   Hemp Energy Drinks   Grow Lights   Gay Sex   Fu.ck Hoodies
Fly Agaric Mugs   Female Contraceptives   Dream Herb   Damiana Manage Menopause
Contraceptive Technology   Condoms   College Overwhelmed   Cholesterol Myth
Cannabis Information   Body Drink Carriers   Blue Egyptian Water Lily   Beer Brewing Kits
Beer Brew   Beer Bongs   Arousal Gels Creams   Miscellaneous.
Just a quick reminder, please don`t copy/paste any of the featured images in Top Frat Topics as they are licensed assets. I thank you!  Shaun A Leggott  musiccoverstoo@gmail.com >Twitter

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