Two In One. Set Up WP In Dreamhost Hosting. Don`t Be Scammed Elsewhere!


Two in One! Not only set up within hosting, but set up for WordPress also. There is no need to spend maybe 99 dollars on some quick basic work then you can do it yourself! 

DreamHost is one of the easiest hosting sites to work through.I have included the exact procedure leading to you having a fully functioning WordPress site using your own domain name. Then add Posts & pages to you hearts content! 

There are many hosting companies around now. Some of the largest hosting companies have undergone changes but, in a nutshell, not for the better. However, I have had occasion to contact Dreamhost on a 3rd party site issue.

They responded to my ticket within an hour, thus this suggests they maintain a staff level high enough to answer queries within a short period of time. Don`t otherwise be guided just because a hosting company has been around for several years.

Firstly sign up for a DreamHost account using a strong geek password. Create your doming name. It will take a few minutes for you domain to be available. If taken, you can modify with applying a little imagination..

I think DreamHost domain names might still be zero cost for the first year when related to an annually paid plan.

Choose you preferred plan. Your domain name shown as Parked, so you`ll need to go to Manage Domains, then within click on Edit located almost central.

Don`t be overwhelmed by the level of details this returns (I visualize coffee spills…). All you need to do is look through the page and click Fully host this domain at the page foot. However, prior to this, you can by one click, switch from DreamHost to CloudFlair hosting, it won`t cost you anymore. They are partners, so it`s up to you.

Now click Goodies along the left side of the panel, then One Click Install, then on the W WordPress thumb nail image. It will ask you to choose a/the domain name. So do this and walla shortly you`ll be ready to go! DreamHost will have help links should you need them, plus you can contact them directly.

For now you can close DreamHost if you wish, but keep your geek password safe and secure. domain names take a little while to populate, so don `t rush through any stage. 

Now go back to your email account. In 10 minutes or less you will be able to access your WordPress site! Read through the email then click to longest link close to the top. Here you will set up your WP password and log in. Add your more essential plugins immediately including WordPress security and Yoast SEO.

Now you can begin blogging within the default theme. Of course you can change to another theme if you wish. Posts float, pages are static. However, if you want to feature one, or perhaps two Posts, you can apply Sticky to hold it/them.

Cedric might take you through a different hosting so the beginning will be different in parts, but it all leads to establishing your WP site..

I strongly recommend you take this very low cost video tuition from the link below. You can pay a lot more for far less. In fact you are saving yourself quite a bit today! Having this info all in one place will save you loads of time..

Definitely keep mobile apps in mind (as if you wouldn `t..) when you add copy. I am now conscious of the apparent findings that show over 60pc Google use is undertaken from mobiles. I now make less use of the larger font sizes owing to more limited screens..

It`s likely you will consider adding several Posts for your blog/s. Pages are more prefered for the “About” and legal pages that you personalise. Pages are also preferred for setting up and building mailing lists. This is an area elsewhere I`m in at present. With a mailing list you could consider a music fan base for your cover song lists. tag:    Set Up WordPress Guide


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