DIY WordPress Site Building

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DIY WordPress Sites: With cost-conscious students it might well be asked, what will it cost to build a fully functioning WordPress site? The answer today is very little. If we break this down you will have access to several no cost WordPress themes, plus several essential no cost plugins relating to optimization and security.

I have covered setting up a WordPress website in exact detail within the pages. Also above and below the page links to a stack of videos intended for WordPress marketing beginners..for about the cost of a pizza takeway, or less!

Building DIY WordPress Sites


Other than the plugins mentioned, there are literally thousands of plugins. You might not feel these are necessary, but if you do, then this is where your more serious outgoing is likely to be. This Post assumes readers are completely new to WordPress site building. Everything and everyone will have a beginning. 

In general, following the more usual “one click installs” you`ll have a ready WP theme by default, but you will also have access to several theme alternatives. It might be you don`t particularly care for cacti.. Obviously, there are many WordPress paid themes also.  

However, initially you will create your account with one of the many hosting companies around. Personally, I prefer to use some of the established hosting businesses, e.g. Namecheap, Dreamhost or A2 Hosting. Some prefer HostGator.

If choosing a host where you have the option of paying monthly it will cost you around $7 as a starter (even though they indicate less..). However, you will pay less if annually, bi-annually etc. But I suggest you go beyond basic where you will have the opportunity to have more than one website on your hosting.

I know many promoters recommend HostGator where they will take you through it. In this is seems reasonable you will take their link to said HostGator. That will earn them a few cups of cappuccino at Starbucks.. 

If preferring to pay annually the host might let you have your a domain name a no cost for the first year, e.g. A2 Hosting. Otherwise it will cost you around $12 a year for the domain name. These days setting up WordPress is really simple. It`s largely just clicking or hitting the correct links!

As example: linking to the hosting domain name server (DNS). Any problems you might find can be answered through hosting help links, otherwise contact hosting support directly..

Once choosing the hosting business, the next step will be for you create your domain name. Ideally it should relate to your proposed WP site content. I`d keep with .com unless choosing to be country-specific. This means also avoiding the latest bunch of dot this-and-that alternatives.

If the domain has been taken then you`ll have to presumably make small imaginative changes (Not to suggest students have a limited imagination..) over original thoughts before finding the domain available. Try and avoid boolean words, also avoid digits and dashes unless you absolutely want that domain name!   

For simplicity it will be found that the easiest way to create your domain name will be within your choice of hosting, as opposed to domain name transfer.

There are some zero cost plugins that are essential when relating to SEO, social, and security: These are Yoast SEO, then possibly Add To Any or similar social buttons, also site security.

There`s perhaps a confusing range of security plugins, but many WP site owners use Wordfence, then tighten the security off the Wordfence default settings.

Definitely consider mobile. I am now conscious of the apparent findings that state over 60pc Google use is undertaken from mobiles. In this I now make less use of the larger font sizes..

If you download the low cost WordPress video tuition videos, it will cost you those few further tins of beer. I know, almost sacrilege!

Internet Marketing 4 Newbies

This video tutorial series is now available for immediate download from the links here within Top Frat Topics. If you are familiar wih downloads within online marketing you`ll know that upsell in inevitable in most instances.

However, not immediately related to the tuition, there is an additional opportunity that you can also access. In this instance it relates to increasing site visitor traffic.

Incidentally, why not further sign up with Udemy?!  I am not suggesting you pay out hundreds of dollars for further tuition, but sometimes Udemy offer huge, it seems, genuine discounts on courses.

So just by being on their email list you will see offers now and then, e.g. zero cost traffic building, creating an opt-in mailing lists .

Overall it is an ideal very low cost not to be overlooked video tuition course for all ages.. This step up is important for those taking first steps asl there`s little chance of feeling overwhelmed a the start. To digress, thanks for the social backlinks! They remained at eight for a while, however they have increased to eleven at this copy date – 11-6-2017. 

I will be back adding Paper li elsewhere in Top Frat Topics shortly, but here is one I made earlier>> Paper Li It is not Pro at date of copy.  Shaun A Leggott.

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