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On the featured Post, I mentioned this no cost WordPress theme. Well, I guess maybe some people looking to market online have not heard of Dan Broke. He’s the self-confessed lazy Deadbeat Super Affiliate!

Herein: Dan Brock The DeadBeat Super Affiliate  |  Your Viral List  | IBOToolbox  |  Easy Hosting Setup For WordPress | Recommended Paperback

He offers a very affordable online marketing course related to his own “Deadbeat method” of earning many thousands of dollars a year.

This theme is his, it is linked from within his marketing course. I wouldn`t normally write in actual dollars, but to save confusion it costs about 18 dollars. I`m not an affiliate offering this product. The web link is > here.

Your Viral List

He will also additionally offer some sort of online traffic boosting software. I haven`t used it, but I see if you refuse it, an offer of 50% off will appear!

Recommended Paperback Reading (Sorry, No Kindle..)

TUBE RITUAL Volume 1 Brian G Johnson

A simple additional squeeze page builder you could consider is Your Viral List. This follows the path from where you can offer, as is said around, “something of value” at no cost to encourage more names to be added to your email list. Within Your Viral List, there are several product options.

However, I don’t see that there is a need for a “hook” when offering the traffic funnel system as linked here. After all, the system offers the evergreen means to market, its not a relatively limited time offer! Also, the company offers a very rewarding simple two-tier income plan.

I feel prospects would be foolish to miss out. it might well all changes once the company becomes better known. Affiliates are well rewarded for helping build their brand. 

Your Viral List 

But to Your Viral List. Your viral list has a minuscule cost in association per month! However, you can buy for a lifetime instead!

I have bought a couple of solo ad lists from them. These I will use once I have the videoing underway. I’ll let you know how they go. That will be either herein or on Digi Music Tools.. or both. 

By using Your Viral List it’d be a little like using a traffic funnel within a traffic funnel as a formula. So this all tied in very well with squeeze page creating in the traffic funnel system linked herein. 

Again, I will use this method and in due course tell you how it goes. That will probably be both in Digi and herein. 

For marketing niche ideas, please see the Digi Music Tools (.com) website. You can access from within over 9000 mainly digital products. In fact, it relates very well to the squeeze pages you will be able to access herein.

If not now I will be including one of the ways I use YouTube, then later, types of squeeze pages. The revised copy date for Top Frat Topics is late October 2018.

For WordPress newbies, the page related to marketing through WordPress remains here in Top Frat Topics.  Many hosting promoters encourage using HostGator. However, I strongly recommend DreamHost for beginners.

DreamHost is easy to navigate where they complete most of the work needed for you! The DreamHost link is > here.   

That`s it for the moment. Have a good one! >Twitter

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IBO Toolbox


Please note, the IBO does not accept autoresponders. Simply buying and earning more IBO credits by visiting ads itself will probably be of little use. The value comes within the Club IBO where there is full access to the blogging system. By this blogging means, members gain higher visibility within search engines, as an example, a lot of interest comes from outside the IBO!

Privacy Policy

As said elsewhere here in Top Frat Topics, when considering a part-time student business, please adhere to any limitations the might be in place from within your college and accommodation. However, this business affiliate opportunity does not involve stocking or supplying physical products. 


Change Your Life Around! Awesome Earning Opportunity!

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This Small Website Will Change Your Life! Include as one of your Top Frat Topics an access to one of the best software releases rolled out across countries between 2017 and 2018. The reward to income earners is via an awesome two-tier affiliate income opportunity!

By contrast, note the rather bland WordPress theme… There is a purpose for this no-cost theme, partly as it relates well to being better seen through online searches.

Apparently if retailed it would cost 97 dollars. However, you can obtain it when accessed within a low cost, yet excellent, online marketing beginners course. You will learn how to use the theme for the best results! But more on this later.

create squeeze pages ClickFunnels alternative

Students checking out student gap year ideas for income, or just student ideas for income: There are certainly plenty of student-focused options as you go through online searches.

This spread into online “biz-opps” a few years ago. Unfortunately, the only real winners were the originators of the programs aimed towards students, thus praying on those who have little ready money to start a student-run business between studies.

That`s a shame because, from a very good business opportunity not specifically aimed at students, students are in a perfect situation to earn a really cool part-time income. The link is on the funnel images.

Why perfectly positioned? Well, although all our circumstances are different, most students are internet or tech-savvy, This is probably part of many student application prerequisites these days.

So within the student communities, it shouldn`t be difficult to find like-minded people who are looking for part-time work, e.g. beyond physical out-and-about work, coffee shop part-time student employment etc. You wouldn`t need to leave a campus dorm for this one!

Looking at how online business could be constructed, you could form your own online business team with a name. then decide how to progress taking into account individual strengths.

Create a positive domino effect across 50 US states and beyond, thus being your top frat topics!

But to briefly digress and relate to the history of Top Frat Topics, To my loyal Top Frat Topic visitors, welcome back! To my new top Frat Topics visitors, welcome! I did state I am closing a hosting account. Not to let Top Frat Topics go due to past popularity, I then decided to transfer the domain to a faster and secure hosting.

So back to now: When building an online business successfully there is an emphasis on email list building through simple squeeze pages, then importantly, to build a relationship with your list.

Here you can offer the whole online system including tools, e.g. unlimited list building, plus its autoresponder to others!

As a good example, use social media, e.g. as a videoing Tuber, then place your squeeze page link from people to request further detail via their email addresses as “opting-in”.

Access to the tools, i.e. within traffic funnels was considered a “secret to success” some ten or more years back. Now it is accepted that we need to build online mailing lists within just about all categories of businesses and services.

Traffic funnels remain evergreen, but niches an services will come and go. So now you can combine the two as a connective business, as mentioned above!

Students, in general, do not have a lot of money to spend after buying the essentials (we shouldn’t stereotype, but like beer, maybe) so don`t have a great deal of money to invest. All business has a startup and ongoing cost.

So though the business outgoing is modest, research to understand the needs of your niche audience! Here`s where it could earn you lots of lovely moolah. Make it your Top Frat Topic?… If you first consider the 50 US states of fraternities and sororities, you could surely find a lot of kinships!

Perhaps you think that`s crazy. Well, just be “crazy”. We don`t succeed in competitive online business by doing what everyone else does. If you know your target audience you will increase your chances of earning an enviable income part time.. in your time.

To be candid, a typical 4% interest would be reasonably (as I`d expect through this Post), Within this, a further small percent will give extended consideration. That is percentage you can look towards, but hope for more…

However, if you just create one new active member a week, who takes the opportunity forward successfully as an affiliate, you will soon build an income way ahead of the e.g. part-time coffee bar, seaside working or superstore earning opportunities!

You could otherwise be sitting in a coffee bar with a laptop, latte or cappuccino (I like the latter as I play with the froth..), instead of working in one!

So as a student freshman, ore women, in four years time you could be leaving, but going around to an auto dealership to buy a smart car!    

But here`s a downside! You will also earn generously from the success of your affiliate downline. So why is that a concern?

Well, if you don`t make a further effort yourself, or yourselves as a team, the active downline will just be providing you an income, currently it’s that generous!

Surely you wouldn`t want to be sitting around drinking beer off the efforts of those in your affiliate downline alone?  No, you wouldn`t want that.. now would you?

You’d be seriously missing out on your own further income generation too. So help create that domino effect across the fraternities, sororities and beyond!

The company offering the traffic funnel system does not pay out huge sums for advertising. Instead, the company pays an awesome level of commission to their affiliates.

So in the near future, I will be telling you what is working for me, then perhaps you will consider adding on or two of my methods to support your own. I will resume a related video presence for example.

This will mean adding further to the more extensive Digi Music Tools .com website.

However, for now, I will offer a link over to some resources, including the one I mentioned near the outset. Just hit the resources image.


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