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Being Updated With New Music Tee Store Soon.

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Being Updated with a new addition during autumn 2019

Traffic Exchange Tee-Shirts – At Last: If earning from traffic exchanges interest you, pick the right traffic exchanges! Today there are countless traffic exchanges around, many offering far more than credits to exchange views!

You will find these are an easy way to earn, also to add your income offer, or offers, that’s if you have any. So they are an ideal way into marketing, e.g. for students with limited time, stay at home moms, etc.

The traffic exchange tee-shirts: In the design and text placement I had in mind those who undertake video presentations, but as streetwear that`s fine course!

The simplicity of traffic exchanges makes for an easy presentation, e.g. not explaining a more complicated affiliate marketing system, e.g. Joe introduces Jane, etc plan… to the guy or gal on your tube journey.

However, some allow you to build an online list. I`ve added a subscribe opportunity, but if you don`t have an online mailing list, I`m sure you`ll find a way around it!

To help catch the eye, these traffic exchanges tee-shirts are unique with my carefully designed image to help you attract interest.

As for these tee-shirts on demand, they are manufactured in certified 100% organic cotton within low waste technology during the manufacturing process. Orders are taken worldwide through secure encryption. Your card details will not be stored

With traffic exchanges, you build credits to invite promo views, but there are many other ways to earn within said traffic exchanges. Here is one example. You can read the advantages for your self >linked> Actual Hits 4 U.

” ActualHit4U not only provides you with all your actual website advertising needs, we also offer you lots of benefits and features. ” In addition, they calculate how you can earn 9,330 per month.

Traffic exchanges also promote traffic exchanges. The last one I saw was in >link> Trafficmarketplace .org. Unless updated, they offer just a one-off very low-cost upgrade.

The problem I found with Traffic Marketplace is that, perhaps because they are so cheap, they include a lot of crap promotions, e.g. daft money games! But they have a large membership.

In general, you`ll need to be smarter than just using them for gaining credits for exchanging page views with other members. Consider this, traffic exchanges have been around for many years, so there is little chance the whole TE industry will collapse any time soon!

If your choice eventually fails, others will still be around to take your interest, so with gained experience, you can hit the ground running with one or more of the others. Your glass is half full, not half empty!

Keep in mind many promotions are only short term (but they won’t tell you so), so if you put money into them, by the time you stay earning, they might well be gone. It is a bad principle. This is why I put an emphasis on actual traffic exchange earning first.

With countless traffic exchange around now, some good and some sh!t, Here is another that offers more way earn than just through credits, HitLink put an emphasis on social > HitLink . It has been around for many years.

Elsewhere, there is no value in focusing on traffic exchanges with a low member count of hundreds. I know, it’s not easy initially just judge, but a guide is to avoid traffic exchanges that offer a stack of credits.

For example, advertising half a million, for what seems a bargain cost. If they only have a few hundred members how the f.ock are you going to use the credits. They are scams.

As you check around, here is some of what you’ll find: contest promo, jackpot, and referral contest. I make this emphasize because, dollars for views aside, the basic exchanging credits for page views is, in my opinion, quite mind-numbing. Not so bad if on a short-timer, e.g. 6 seconds before page refresh.

I think many traffic exchanges should carry a mental health warning to help guard against largely page surfing members turning into zombies!

Those who enter their promos into traffic exchanges put themselves in the driving seat. Once set on what they want to promote, they are not interested in anything else.

For the mind-numbing reason entered above, why would they NOT buy credits for page views? You can earn from actually promoting traffic exchanges within traffic exchanges! Of course, this might soon become you also!

Already in an online business elsewhere? I can change both copy and image for you at no additional cost over the default. Please see the intro on the Your Tee Promo home page..

Within the male range of traffic exchange tee-shirts, I`ve included the complete range of colors available. This is also so for the female design included, but on asking the galls can have dress traffic exchange tee-shirts or lower neck.

The colors do vary a little between female and male tee-shirt designs. If one of those mentioned tee shirt designs is preferred – just ask and I`ll do a one-off for you. As an example, I`ve included one traffic exchange dress tee shirt in black. In any case, I think black looks best when contrasting my tee shirt design.

Maybe DM me, my Twitter handle is ShaunBFG. My email in this instance is musiccoverstoo@gmail.com

As said earlier, you can join and use them, e.g. for a promo where you swap views with other members, without cost. Many traffic exchanges will, however, offer you a one-time offer on credits (OTO) immediately on joining.

If you take the no-cost route is will be slow progress! Generally, you will also earn less commission on successful referral introductions. In any case, traffic exchanges will never turn you into a millionaire.

Over several years I`ve seen traffic exchanges come and go, even amalgamate. Traffic exchanges scripts have even been offered in competitions. Years ago there was a few that became well known. Of course, without heavy competition, they were able to build member relatively easily, e.g. Smiley Traffic.

In my experience of years ago generally it`s best to avoid marketing physical products in traffic exchanges, these traffic exchange tee-shirts are, of course, one of the exceptions.

Most of what you`ll find are digital promotions. I wish you success, should you trial digital music downloads.

The Following Is A Small Extract From Copy From The Past, So I Thought I`d Leave It In.

Male: I`m In A Band – GIGGING – Just Ask. Organic Cotton Tee-Shirts. Several Other Colors Are Available.

The message from stage rockers-increase bookings! Black obviously is most favored from the complete range (I wear one too!). The custom made tee-shirts, in organic cotton, have a fast order worldwide turn around.

Male-Gigging On Black

The complete range of these unique tee shirts are only available through this one source, not big-box.

The darker colors would also compliment Halloween. This is particularly so with the clawed orange globe design, ideal for any horror music events! Remember the globe comes in kids sizes also.

Shaun A Leggott | Twitter