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Top Frat Topics: Here is hoping you have a great time using your Paper li online daily papers. At least you will not have to worry about physical paper clutter catching fire-lol. However, I had removed my diverse online Paper li e-papers.  
WordPress List Building Daily

This was because I didn`t find an option of removing/exchanging them within Twitter ..thus it just became perhaps confusing e-clutter. Know how it goes, that adrenaline rush where there is a temporary loss of common sense..Or maybe I was in a loopy period the result being too many online papers!

 >Internet Marketing Beginners<  

As said below, you can quickly build your online papers on apparently any topic you want. So before my medication wore off (lol) I canceled one account and started afresh. A result is the Pro paper below: 
So eventually I managed to tame the monster I had created! Paper li clearly understood my request, having contacted the support. So I didn`t pissed then off after all!  

The WordPress Blogging Daily

Having an instant no cost source of any subject you want sounds great for students, does it not? claim they will be able to do this.  An upgrade will only cost 9 dollars a month. could also be useful for curation copy content as the content changes daily.
As An Example I Use as an additional way to further promote Video Motion Analysis Software For Chord Music And Sports Development. That Is My Featured Example Of Use, But There Are Countless Action Videos At No Cost In YouTube Etc That You Can Personally Use. Here is the link..

 This Includes Athletics And Music, e.g. Steady Drum Rhythm Tempos Way Down, Then Learn From Following Expert Drum Techniques As Visual Experience For Example? The Software Is Available For Either Windows Or Mac. 25 Support Videos!
Incidentally, I have removed City Pennysaver, details > here. 
Now back to mostly the older but mostly relevant Top Frat Topics copy: There is a few days catch up in Archives. Quickly create your no cost online paper in minutes, as I did right here for beer pong but it was on the previous account! In fact I guess you could make a “Beer Pong Party” e-paper etc your own, then add a link or two.. 
 If you want to be more imaginative ( perish the thoughts..) it might take a little experimentation to get it as you desire. Simply click back and start again, but I do not recommend instant publishing until certain. This is because you will eventually end up with a stream of e-clutter in your emails! However, you can delete said e-paper clutter from emails. Sorry it was not so easy in Twitter.. 
 Now you are thinking to add a social link somewhere?  Not to add further here because much earlier below I  cover in more detail. I would not want to appear to be rambling..or too close to the whiskey bottle..again. apparently delivers around 250 000 000 social posts each day, refreshing daily! It extracts then analyse in excess of 25 million articles. Paper-li even claims it will return new subjects within your chosen interest on anything you wish! You will, of course get the most content within Pro. See the comparison chart there-in.
 So whatever your top frat topics and other interests and concerns, leisure activities, sports, gap year, music, study, work, tutoring, you can receive information new to you automatically-daily when using Simply enter your title and subtitle into For me sometimes title keywords are enough as I have several online papers.
  With top frat topics in college or college leisure subjects, just create your account with and let it bring daily news to you.. There`s isn`t an affiliate opportunity, but might be before long. However, if going from the no cost to Pro  at nine dollars a month, it follows the remuneration won`t partically be worth texting home about..
I gather Paper-li is used by tens of thousands marketers, hobbyists, researchers and businesses on a daily basis for marketing purposes. With the Paper-li Pro you can, of course, achieve more, e.g embed a subscription widget on a site, change the header image. It will also draw information from more resources. With Pro expect ad links the be more discrete.
Use to engage your online campus visitors who align with your study and interests in ways that hold them for further information, maybe gap year interests. As a slight digression, if using a blog also consider the bounce rate and time visitors spend on your blog for example. Theses are two of the factors that effect the level of visibility within Google. So any additions that hold attention is a good thing.

The WordPress Advertising Daily, Though The Resulting Content Does Not More Accurately Reflect Advantages Of WordPress Advertising. Thus Likely Not To Be Pro, But It Shows The Comparison. Update-11/10/2017

So for example, you can use several subjects but still relate then to one relevant website (or non relevant sites) if you wish. I do this method within music and sports that relate to sports and music videoing activities, then I keep this information in social circulation..
An example is where adding daily new content to Twitter your impressions will increase rapidly. I do this all the time. Now with I simple add the fresh content link, thus immediately it spikes up impressions!
It`s will be reasonable to increase Twitter impressions by several hundreds per day this way, plus some of the visitors will eye-left and link to your blog. So if busy simple pop in a short copy and your associated Paper-li link! I will likely add to Twitter manually for now having overwhelmed my visitors recently! 
Incidentally, I guess you know you will soon be able to include up to 280 characters for each Tweet in Twitter. Aside from Twitter, you can also send Pro posts to Facebook and Linkedin, or create attractive email letters.. even add content to a website (as of course I do). On the lines of the marketing “rule of seven”, engage more and gain a more positive business outcome.
You may not become a student celeb, but people probably like to see you around a while before they become more engaged with your online presence!
So relate to your blogs, social network pages or newsletter. can also be used as a source for curation copy purposes when creating and spinning copy. As earlier mentioned, claims to deliver around 250 000 000 social posts each day, refreshing daily! It also extracts and analyses over 25 million articles.
If you consider editing down a list of relevant content to your top frat topics, it`s likely Paper li will provide you with fresh copy. Paper li claim to return information on “any subject”! Thus, imagine the breadth.
Shaun A Leggott – Twitter –  musiccovertoo @ tag: top frat topics. Images within Top Frat Topics are licensed through Adobe. Please do not copy. 

Apply Action Videos In New Software. Utilize Video Skills Visually

Utilize Video Skills In The Hottest Sports And Guitar Learning Software. Video Motion Software Might Be Considered Guitar Learning Software Per-Se. However It Has A Number Of Applications! Consider Video Motion Analysis Also In High Action Level Sports.
From Here You Can Also Examine Elements When Learning Techniques. Extend Motion Analysis You Learn Sports More Safely, E.G. Extreme Sports Analysis.  The Software Is Available For Both Windows And Mac.  Here `s the 1st of 25 Training Videos. 

Linked Below: Also check through daily news related to action videoing >Here< E.g. in this issue, why Insta is now the place for sports highlights, advanced drones etc. Content is renewed daily, but there are a few days within Archives.
With video motion analysis you can slow tempo down to 25%.  Video motion analysis software is used within professional sports as well as within music. For example: capture, slow down tempo-speed up tempo, loop, transpose, zoom and freeze video frame by frame. In fact get many of the features found in high end video analysis software, but far cheaper. Tag: utilize video skills
It could also be useful for following and improving drumming as well I guess? I`m not a drummer.. and you might not be a budding Ginger Baker , Cosy Powell or Buddy Rich. But if you check it out you will know, as a drummer, if it will be of advantage to you.
 Comprehensive WP Tuition Will Only Cost You A Couple of Cokes..
< Video motion software includes what is known as the Sniffer… It is one way to download videos, for your own use, from Youtube for manipulation. It  allows users to both capture, slow down or speed up, loop, transpose, zoom and freeze video frame by frame.
Video analysis software is widely used in sports. However, the software used is likely to cost way more than this! Relating back to guitar, many expert guitarists of today use motion analysis software also to capture both study and analyze performance.
So at far less cost it is now providing software to those who wish to use these slow to speed techniques to benefit musical performance. You`re probably versed with downloading, installing and activating software.
The software includes product user guides, support and documentation. Getting into this myself, I`d suggest you go through the guide. This includes the quick start guide. It can open and viewed in most of the common video file formats.
  < Whether teaching or student, this 1-2-3 punch of slow motion, zooming and looping, will make learning much quicker and easier.   Shaun A Leggott >Twitter<  musiccoverstoo @ Images licensed thro Adobe. tag: guitar learning software. Tag: utilize video skills

Start Building WordPress For Little Monthly Cost


With cost conscious students it might well be asked, what will it cost to build a fully functioning WordPress site? The answer today is very little. If we break this down you will have access to several no cost WordPress themes, plus several essential no cost plugins. Thus, as might now be imagined, this Post assumes readers are completely new to WordPress site building. Everything and everyone has a beginning. But if you want to cut directly to the newbie training, please hit the image button link is below – new window.

In general, following the more usual “one click installs” you`ll have a ready WP theme by default, but you will also have access to several theme alternatives. It might be you don`t particularly care for cacti.. Obviously there`s many WordPress paid themes also. The theme for Top Frat Topics has been chosen from one of the Thrive theme range.

However, initially you will create your account with one of the many hosting companies around. Personally I prefer to use the established hosting businesses, examples are JustHost, Namecheap, Dreamhost, A2 Hosting and Bluehost. If choosing a host where you have the option of paying monthly, it will cost you around $7, but you will pay less if annually, bi-annually etc.

I know many promoters recommend HostGator where they will take you through it. In this is seems reasonable you will take their link to said HostGator. That will earn them a few cups of cappuccino at Starbucks.. Elsewhere, I suggest avoiding iPage.

If preferring to pay annually the host might let you have your a domain name a no cost for the first year, e.g. A2 Hosting. Otherwise it will cost you around $12 a year for the domain name. These days setting up WordPress is really simple. It`s largely just clicking or hitting the correct links! As example: linking to the hosting domain name server (DNS). Any problems you might find can be answered through hosting help links, otherwise contact hosting support directly..

Once choosing the hosting business, the next step will be for you create your domain name. Ideally it should relate to your proposed WP site content. I`d keep with .com unless choosing to be country specific. This mean also avoiding the latest bunch of dot this-and–that alternatives.

If the domain has been taken then you`ll have to presumably make small imaginative changes (Not to suggest students have a limited imagination..) over original thoughts before finding the domain available. Try and avoid boolean words, also avoid digits and dashes. For simplicity it will be found that the easiest way to create your domain name will be within your choice of hosting, as opposed to domain name transfer.

There are some zero cost plugins that are essential when relating to SEO, social, and security: These are Yoast SEO, then possibly Add To Any or similar social buttons, also site security. There`s perhaps a confusing range of security plugins, but many WP site owners use Wordfence, then tighten the security off the Wordfence default settings. Definitely consider mobile. I am now conscious of the apparent findings that state over 60pc Google use is undertaken from mobiles. In this I now make less use of the larger font sizes..

If you download the low cost WordPress video tuition videos, it will cost you those few further tins of beer. I know, almost sacrilege!

Internet Marketing 4 Newbies

This video tutorial series is now available for immediate download from the links here within Top Frat Topics. If you are familiar with downloads within online marketing you`ll know that upsell in inevitable in most instances. However, not immediately related to the tuition, there is an additional opportunity that you can also access. In in this instance it relates to increasing site visitor traffic.

Incidentally, why not further sign up with Udemy?!  I am not suggesting you pay out hundreds of dollars for further tuition, but sometimes Udemy offer huge, it seems, genuine discounts on courses. So just by being on their email list you will see offers now and then, e.g. zero cost traffic building, creating an opt-in mailing lists etc.. Here is an example 

But Back To WordPress Newbies!

Overall it is an ideal very low cost not to be overlooked video tuition course for all ages.. This step up is important for those taking first steps asl there`s little chance of feeling overwhelmed a the start. To digress, thanks for the social backlinks! They remained at eight for a while, however they have increases to eleven at this copy date – 11-6-2017. 

I will be back adding Paper li elsewhere in Top Frat Topics shortly, but here is one I made a short while ago: Paper li  I consider/ed it a draft! It is not Pro at date of copy.  Shaun A Leggott | Twitter.

Please don`t copy and paste images from Top Frat Topics as they are licensed through Adobe. No more comments from me about the Adobe red eyed rottweilers chasing you on dark nights.. HomePage – Tag: top frat


City Pennysaver Has Been Removed From Top Frat Topics.


The slow burning Mighty Goog takes forever to update as I see it still shows both City Pennysaver and Raining Dates as two of my promotions. I did review both some months after inception, where I said basically that Raining Dates was on the way down the popularity stakes-fact it still is!

Here in November 2017 Raining Dates is showing a rank of just 4,652,769! However, to be fair, City Pennysaver still remains stable and looks to be going places! So it seem more opportunities are being added. It is also placed on a fast server.

I was juxtaposed next to Rick as one on the leaders independently promoting said City Pennysaver. My position being Vice President. My mugshot is still at the top as I write this here in November 2017!

So offering these positives relating to CityPennysaver, you might be wondering why I have decided to no longer promote it and, thus, remove all reference to it from copy in my websites.

Well, I was approaching my renewals period some months ago, However, I found that the only way to continue at the time was to pay the web programmer, Timothy L. Drobnick Sr around 200 dollars for a website with hosting (I guess the domain name will be extra), plus around 30 dollars a month for hosting! This is a complete and far more costly change!

If a “made for you” site is considered then I would suggest looking elsewhere where details are more transparent! For example, I have not seen what control he Mr. Drobnick Sr keeps over the sites. What does he mean by holding the site maintenance for example? In fact very little detail was offered.

What the two are also now offer is something called Good as Cash, or GaC. I might be old fashioned but I prefer to see dollars! So in this instance I find it all rather ominous and wonder what he is not telling us..

So to continue the gateway to further continue city advertising, it appears now you would need to pay out considerably more pre advertising in countries offered in Pennysaver. It will be a relatively costly gateway that is offered as a way in.

It would be irrelevant to detail the past payment system, but just to say it was very reasonable where offering exclusive ad space in at just 10 dollars per year. Once that point is eventually reached, it might be so now!

Overall I`d give it a miss! Take complete control and build your own WordPress website. It certainly won`t cost you nearly 200 dollars with 30 dollars maintenance a month! It might be you`d care to check out the Post linked below..

You`ll see how little it will cost you per month. This Post also links to very low cost WordPress video tuition with WP beginners in mind. Shaun A Leggott  | Tweet


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